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MilanaSmelly - Life under the female ass! Luxury 3 (FullHD)

Life under the female ass! Luxury 3! You look at the real life of a man under the smelly and sweet female ass. He is a permanent toilet for a group of girls and often he has to suffer a lot, but girls do not care about the toilet slave’s problems, because they want to shit, and the slave must eat everything – girls will not allow him to refuse! He himself chose his fate and the girls understand this. Girls laugh at him – for them he is a stupid, inferior creature. Kira, Yana and Karina rode a toilet slave as on a warhorse. Then they studied karate and used the slave as a punching bag. Christina made him bark like a dog and meow like a cat. The slave suffered a lot, but he knew that there would be a reward soon! He was waiting for a sweet meal of 4 young ass! P.S. Karina – mega big pile of hard shit!
thefartbabes  - Fat Turd From Goddess (FullHD)

Enormous shit for you dinner from Goddess!
thefartbabes  - Bulge In Pink Satin Panties (FullHD)

I haven’t poop for seven days, first is coming huge constipated shit then messy bulge in my new pink satin panties.I am modeling in from you with my monster bulge in panties.Farting messy close to your face,let taste you my delicious asshole.
DirtyBetty  - Masturbation in piss (FullHD)

In this video, I am shit in a chair, legs spread. I put piss on the chair and sit in the urine. And further… I eat shit and masturbate sitting in a puddle of urine
ScatLina  - Legs in shit (FullHD)

If you have female legs fetish – then this clip is for you) In it I will smear my beautiful, sexy legs with fresh shit and then lick them. Have a nice watching.
DirtyBetty  - This is scat porn? (FullHD)

Absolutely crazy video, I shit a huge pile like a prehistoric smelly mammoth. Huge sausages from my juicy asshole fall into a pink bowl, then to really lay a huge layer on my face. This incredible scent of my own feces, drives me crazy, and makes my pussy rattle with excitement. Really unique video, especially for you
DirtyLena  - Farting, nice sounds, Gape and push out asshole, part 2 (FullHD)

If do you like farts, push out sounds this video for you, here you can view deep inside my ass , my pink asshole, a lot Gape and Pushing asshole with great farts sounds and wet ass juice
MilanaSmelly  - Our pet likes our shit! (FullHD)

Our pet likes our shit! It is not the first time that I have to play the role of a doggie for my belovedMistresses. Girls like to have fun with me in this way. And this time was no exception. I was executed the dog commands, fulfilled whims of girls. They laughed at my clumsiness. As a reward, I was allowed to sniff the ass of each girl and lick her feet. Mrs Christina, Amina and Karina did not forget to feed their doggie. This time they did not even have to get out of bed for this. Each of the girls in lying position just dangled the ass from the bed and released the intestinal contents into my mouth. The stinkiest shit was from Mistress Karina. She ate cabbage.
Anna Coprofield - 3 Shit for Freeze Vol.2 (FullHD)

I continue to collect and freeze shit for a new video with filling pussy. The first shit was soft and easy but the second was difficult and I fuck my ass with a finger to help my shit out (contains a small prolapse). The third shit is incredibly gentle and watery mmm… all the bags are already in my fridge and I’m ready to start collecting a new batch of shit.
HotDirtyIvone - Shitting in public (HD)

I was in the shop and caught me… Shitting haha I had to use the public toilet. There were many women there. Some women were very loud.
HotDirtyIvone  - They taste someone’s shit (FullHD)

They are in the park and they are detacts of shit. They find a few of them and try its taste! it’s true, you will see your eyes!