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ChubbiBunni - So Horny Smear (HD)

Every time I poop, I get so horny. I love feeling it come out my ass and I love the smell when it’s still warm. Then I discovered smearing and it turns me on even more. This time I couldn’t contain myself. I had to play with myself when I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I barely had time to make it to the bathroom. It feels so good…
LoveRachelle2 - All YOU Get To Eat Is My SHI (FullHD)

Oh no, my plumbing hasn’t been working lately and I really have to take a crap… luckily, I know someone who can help, and I won’t even have to pay them… that’s right, you’re the lucky little toilet I’m going to be using from now on! And you’ll do it, because you’re just starving for any lick of attention from me, willing to take whatever I’m willing to give to you… and I know you LOVE how I talk to you through the process, telling you when to lick and taste my ass as I’m pushing my turd into your mouth, telling you when to suck on it lovingly as it crawls down your tongue and down your throat… and moaning and my pussy dripping with pleasure, since it feels so GOOD to shit Why? Because it’s hilarious, getting weak men to do whatever I want when I have them under my thumb, and that’s just where you belong.

I crap out a huge, thick turd, choking you with it. I laugh, telling you to chew it, chew that raw shit up. I don’t care if you gag–if you do, I’ll just make you eat your shitty vomit! I can’t help but be SO amused when you cry and beg, but you’re getting hard even when you act like you’re disgusted. Do you actually LIKE being my little slave, loser? You really ARE just a worm, just as I suspected. I step on your eyes, then step on the shit in your mouth, pushing it down your throat. You better hurry up, toilet! You’re going too slow… hm, that actually gives me an idea! I’ll keep you as a human toilet, and train you to eat my shit so fast it’s disappearing down your throat right as it’s pushing its way out my butthole. Do whatever I tell you to, little slave, and your dirty secrets are safe with me!
LoveRachelle2 - Cum With Shit In Mouth & Pooped Panties (UltraHD/4K)

I cum squealing with my mouth stuffed with delicious shit in this vid <3 I swallow the melted shit ooze sitting on my tongue, showing you before and after I swallow. I poop my pink bikini panties till they're overflowing and you see how soaked my shit-covered pussy is up close afterwards, I'm flushed and literally *dripping* in front of the camera. And of course, I moan with pleasure as I fill my panties, and gush about how much I enjoy pooping my panties, and how much I'm looking forward to sharing this with you. You get to watch, and if you're good, you even get to keep my filthy panties after.
littlefuckslut - Bratty Girl Has An Accident (FullHD)

I tried to call you Daddy but you didn't come! I was coloring you a pretty picture but then I had to go potty. I called you and called you but nope! So I just went. I thought I just had to go pee but it was actually #2! So I started going and filling up my panties but then I pulled them down a little to get them out of the way and my potty plopped out of them. Then I pushed all my poop out and it all fell to the floor. My panties only got a little dirty but it still made me sad because they're my cute blue ones. You should have come when I called you Daddy now you have a dirty mess to clean up!
LoveRachelle2 - Suck My Shitty Underwear Clean, Loser (UltraHD/4K)

"Suck My Shitty Underwear Clean, Loser"
You want my underwear, you little weirdo? Oh, I'll make sure I'll give you to you, nice and dirty. But you'll have to amuse me, got it? You're no just going to clean my shitty panties when I'm done with them–oh no, you're going to go a bit further than that. For me. I let you watch me fill these panties with my shit load–you can see the pair bulge from my hard turd filling them up.
I peel off the panties and show off how nasty they are and how filthy I am dirtying these panties up for you, too. Now follow my instructions, loser–I want you to take these panties and wrap them around your dick… and jerk off with my shitty underwear–CUM in my them. Are they soaked? Covered in my shit stains AND your cum? Good.
Now put my shit stained panties to your mouth and suck the shit and cum off them, loser