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LoveRachelle2 - You Only Deserve To Eat SHIT (FullHD)

Tell me, slave. Do you think you’ve done well serving your Mistress? Do you feel you’ve properly worshipped me? Oh, really? Well, I don’t think so, you worm. I think your heart is in the wrong place. I think, instead of thinking about how to serve ME, you only think about how much you want to eat my SHIT. Well then, why don’t you come here and take the ONLY thing you’re good for: being a human toilet! I tease you, making you think I”ll actually let you cum tonight after making you jerk off and right on the edge. Keep dreaming. You’re only allowed to ache for how badly you need to cum while you’re eating my shit. I tell you what I’ve eaten to make you an especially nasty load. You want my shit so bad? Then have a big, slimy, trashy load of shit. You deserve to be punished, slave. You think you’re getting my usual load of beautiful, dense, delicious shit? Wrong! Enjoy your meal of pre-digested JUNK food!
MissAnja - Sexy morning pooping and pee on it (HD)

In video I start to pooping front of the camera in squat position so you can see my pussy and asshole. After few seconds I turn around for showing off my asshole and pussy for better view and you can see my yummy poo coming out. My asshole is swollen. When I finished smear a bit on my butthole and also peeing in the video during I poop
jordansdirtysecret - Nervous About First Shit After Birth (FullHD)

I do not show my face in this video. I just had my baby and i’m really nervous about my first shit since I was split open so much. I let you see close ups of my pussy and asshole before I lean back on my hands and feet to give you a full frontal view as I give a massive shit that built up over 2 days. I am excited to share this with you even though it hurt a little coming out. I then let my tits leak milk onto my fresh scat and let you watch. There is a small amount of blood coming out of my pussy at the end of the video in a close up.
jordansdirtysecret - Huge Frontal Pregnant Shit and Orgasm (FullHD)

I do not show my face in this video. I’m all hot and horny so I spread my pussy lips wide for you to see and take a huge shit on the floor with my pussy facing the camera. Then I masturbate by fingering myself until I cum in front of my huge dump! 5 minutes long
jordansdirtysecret - Post Birth Frontal Piss and Shit (FullHD)

Here comes round two! I don’t show my face in this video. I start out stripping out of my bra and pants – showing off my post birth belly and stretch marks. I show you my bush but get down to business because i’ve held this bad boy in for two days and i’m normally regular. First I piss all over the floor and plate before my asshole spreads open and unleashes a huge dump that actually tore my already tender, healing asshole. I show my finished product and then squeeze some fresh milk out of my engorged tits for your pleasure… There is a small amount of blood in the poop that dripped from my pussy.
Pauline Scat (FullHD)

xxecstacy - Smearing While Cleaning Up (FullHD)

This is part 2 following Toilet Shit, Tit Smear, Tasting where I aim to clean up in the shower, allowing the shit to slowly wash off of me. As I do, though, I get an idea with the rest of the shit left in the toilet, smearing myself more while showering. You have to get dirty to get clean, and it just so happens that I love getting filthy. There is a small bit of tasting in this video as well.
sexandcandy18  - lots of fun! (UltraHD/4K)

aftermath of laxatives! watch me get messy and fulfill my ultimate fantasies such a happy girl when I get to fill my holes and cover myself in my smelly poo! come join the fun
evamarie88 - Clit Rub Thong Shit  (FullHD)

Watch me in my pink thong tell you how im going to rub my clit and shit while wearing it… I show it off before lifting my legs up and rubbing my swollen clit hard through my thong and shitting a log…

I peel them off andf show you my big hard load

I love Being A Naughty Girl On My Bed

#poo #log #pantypoo #evamarie88
sexandcandy18  - daddy’s desperate little pleaser (UltraHD/2K)

dressed still from school and desperate to go potty but even more desperate to please you xoxo
DemonaDragon - Miss Demona’s Filthy Buffet (HD)

Watch as slave Ben has his fill at my filthy buffet! He starts out by drinking my piss then moves on to eating my big shit while smearing it on himself and jacking off. So much filth in this clip. You are sure to love it as much as we did!
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