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sexandcandy18  - morning milk enema! (UltraHD/2K)

almond milk up my butt for a nice morning drink!
sexandcandy18  - fun with fruit (UltraHD/2K)

here’s a fun video I made while on my period, using a banana and slices of apples to put up my butt, push them out, and eat them
sexandcandy18  - misc. gas and scat (UltraHD/2K)

here is a bunch of clips and videos I won’t be able to make into their own! farts, toys, loads I can’t hold, tasting, and smearing! hope you enjoy xoxo
sexandcandy18  - the first bite! (UltraHD/2K)

Watch me take the first bite ever of my own poop! More to come soon xoxo