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MilanaSmelly - I exploded powerfully. Victoria won  (FullHD)

DirtyBetty  - Impossible SHIT LOAD from Betty (FullHD)

Today I play with my dirty and fragrant holes that you so want to eat with my bitter and warm shit!
You will choke and ask for supplements while my dirty fingers caress my wet and excited swollen pussy!
I pushing an incredible bunch of fresh shit, and made a really shitty chaos shaking my dirty and so juicy ass!
Love to peep on heifers in scary baths?
Love to smell coming from huge piles of shit?
Want to see me pushing your goodies out of my ass?
Of course yes, so, what you waiting for?
solo big ass girl huge scat play with amazing gigantic shitty load and smearing shit on wet pussy after insane pissing and shitty dirty hot masturbation in creepy SweetBettyParlour bathroom
NoraNature - My scat night – Volume 1-2 (FullHD)

I love to cover myself with my shit and sleeping in it without taking a shower first.
Such lovely wrapping.

What a pleasure to spread my shit all over my body again right after I slept in it. For sure I have a golden shower too!