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Hayley-x-x - Shitting. Butt plug & face expressions (FullHD)

Hey, so I decided to play around with split screen display so I could try to show you my facial expressions as I pooped. It’s not worked out perfectly, but not awful for a first attempt

I get undressed then pull out my butt plug and show you that it’s messy, then I shit. You get a repeat of the shit from a different camera angle. Then finish up with me relocating to the toilet, pushing the last little bits out. (Facial expressions again & view down the loo)
Hayley-x-x - Shitting standing up & offering you poop (FullHD)

Stripping out of white vest & denim shorts. I pull out a butt plug and then hold my cheeks apart & take a shit standing up. I filmed from two slightly different angles, and have left clips of both in. I finish up by picking up some shit and offering it to you
Hayley-x-x - Peeing, poop & diarrhea from this week (FullHD)

We start off with me sat in the bath tub, spread legs, peeing for over a minute. As I get in the tub you might notice I start pissing just before I sit down. Could barely hold on. I’m pretty sure I farted a couple of times whilst I was pissing. Hope you can hear it! Into the next clip, I’m pissing really really close up, all you can see is my fanny lips. Good pissing sounds in this part. Next it’s an enema into a bowl in the shower tray. Am backed up, so not much came out. Just needed to be clean before I filmed an anal play vid. 4th segment is a standard, solid, hefty poop, up close, I’m knelt on the floor. Final part of the video is diarrhoea. Blink and you’ll miss the explosion. I did have time to pick my phone up. I did not have time to prepare anything else, so it’s just a down-the-toilet shot.
Poop 21 (HD)

Lila  - good shit directly in the mouth of slave  (FullHD)

Hi, in this movie, this is the morning and i want to make a big shit. i want to shit directly in the mouth of my slave. and this is what i do. i loved that. to push my shit and feel the mouth of my slave taking the shit.