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thefartbabes - Goddess Poop 4 Slave (FullHD)

liglee  - Play with my turd (FullHD)

After sometime of pushing my turd and sucking it back in i eventually push it all out and mould it into a cock like turd which i then suck on
Fetidistrojp  - Naked Lesbians Peeing and Pooping (FullHD)

When these two women have nothing to do for the day, what comes into their mind is to get intimately naughty with each other and in a nasty way! This is not the first time that they are going to be doing this so they know what they want! Inside the bathroom with both of them naked, they press their lips together to intimately kiss while one is busy squatting on top of a glass bowl where she gets busy peeing inside of it! With every passing second, it gets fuller and they only stop when she could no longer release any more! By then, the two change roles! The other woman would take the place of the earlier sweetheart and squat on top of an empty glass bowl! Just like what the earlier lady did, she pees inside of it while they intimately kiss to the best of their capabilities! However, she doesn’t settle with just that! When she could no longer release any more urine, what she does next is release streams of wet feces into the glass bowl, gradually filling it with a concoction of booth poop and pee! Again, the only time the two stop is when she could no longer release any more!
Mistress  - Eat shit, suck cock, develops deep throat (FullHD)

I long and with pleasure taught my toilet innocence to suck dick, swallow it deep, developed deep throat. And now, finally, she learned and now she sucks everything that does not fall. Here she swallows my strap-on in the shit, and now shoves 30 cm banana down her throat. I can’t say that I don’t like it, because that’s exactly what I wanted. She is now beautiful cocksucker, shit-eater and my spoiled innocence, she is still shy of who she really is – complete pervert
1. Juicy lips, deep throat, great for toilet spot
Oh, how I love this moments when I taught my slave girl everything. She was so innocent, shy and confused about everything, words, questions, actions. Then I felt and loved her with all my heart, then she became my depraved innocence.
What juicy red lips you have, just right like for a future whore. Today you will have to work they properly. Take the penis in your mouth, wrap wrap your lips around and suck, suck like a lollipop, forward movements, suck it up like a vacuum cleaner. That’s right, you’ll make a good cocksucker. Now let’s fuck you deeper in the mouth, everything happens for the first time and I can see in your eyes, you like it. The cock goes down your throat, you feel it deep inside, it’s a real buzz. Now I will fuck you with a strap-on in the ass, prepare you for a real live member. How do you feel about this new experience? Live cock in the ass, really nice feeling.
After sex and a strap-on I like to relax and smoke, you my dear will be for me an ashtray and a spittoon at this time. Open wide your cute mouth, today he will try everything.
Well, my slut, it’s time for you to be our family toilet. Open your mouth and we’ll take turns shitting on you. Oh, good. Fuck, I’m about to cum just from the sight of my husband shitting in your wonderful toilet mouth. Jerk off, masturbate with shit in your mouth, I want the taste of shit to be associated at you with pleasure. Now I’m add an extravaganza of taste, add shit to your sewer. I going to fuck you in your mouth with shit. Open your mouth, I’ll push the shit deeper into you. Yes, that’s it, I like it. You’re becoming a real fucking shitty whore
2. She took shit in the middle of room
I feeding, feeding this toilet depraved slut, and she in thanks shits in the morning at the crack of dawn, wake me. Want cookie with the taste of a penis, here my bitch that cookie, and if you want, here’s banana to train your deep throat. All for her. And in morning she… Mistress, Mistress, I want to shit. Go take shit, I’m not bothering you or forbidding. So she’ll sit in the middle of the room and shitting stinking pile of shit, and then she says me sweet voice: Good morning my Mistress. What shameless toilet slut