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HotDirtyIvone  - Shit of nuns (SD)

Two nuns and their nasty perversions. They start by making loud gases, wet and perfidious, they pray at the same time. Their panties get more and more dirty than chocolate from the ass. They touch each other and get excited, and they are growing tight in pants! You’ll see how a big, hideous brown cake has grown. They are eating them!
VeganLinda  - Bread for Friends, Chocolate for Pigs (FullHD)

Yep… that’s how I do it.
I bake some Brads and Cake for my Friends, in a super hot Outfit and with High Heels…
I show you all the good food and I tell you, that this is something you will NEVER get.
I mean, okay, kind of you get it, as you can eat this good Food after it went through my whole body.
So I show you how this looks like, your real Food, the Chocolate from my Ass directly into your mouth.
VeganLinda  - Best panty destroyed with Pee/Poo/Period (HD)

Watch me, in my sweet Unicorn-Pyjama, peeing in a Glass my morning-Pee… preparing myself for what is coming next… Changing my clothes into a really hot white Body you see me posing with my perfect Ass in front of you.

I show you the perfect Panty, worn 4 days without showering during Camping in Italy… its perfect. But you will not get a perfect Panty, you will get a destroyed one… with my Spit, my Pee, my Shit and for topping my Menstruation Blood….
dirtygardengirl  - Enema Cocktail part 1-2 (FullHD)