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AnalDirtyQueen - Dinner Time (SD)

Beside of my dirtiness mind u already know. I am a very good at cooking. Bon Appétit!
AnalDirtyQueen - Monster Nozzle Enema (FullHD)

I saw this huge nozzle online and get one! I tried my best to get the whole thing inside me and see how much water I could take. It really felt like someone was fucking my ass while taking a pee. I got so turned on that I had to fuck my ass with my favorite dildo while I masturbate. I really do love to make such a big mess!
Mistress  - Suck whore, suck with your shitty mouth (FullHD)

She’s our family toy, our family slave girl, a holes. We use it to satisfy our desires and fantasies. Its her purpose is to satisfy us in everything and serve us as we want. And she likes it. My slave girl with great pleasure sucks dick, substitutes her mouth and ass for deep fucking. Takes cum in mouth and swallows smiling, she likes, she happy. But even more she likes to be our toilet, eat our shit. Her lips are tightly wrapped around my husband’s sphincter and the shit slides right into her thirsty mouth, fills it. The member pushes the shit into the throat forcing her to swallow. It’s a pleasure for her. The pleasure of humiliation, the joy of being a toilet, bliss from eating shit.
BabyDollNaughty - Voyeur comp (FullHD)

This is a little different and I was asked to create this for a special friend. There is no talking like I normally do and is a bit different! 3 shots and 3 different area’s that I take a shit in 2 different angles. For those who like to spy on girls shitting in places they really shouldn’t
BabyDollNaughty - Dirty Diaper- Dirty Anal  (HD)

Daddy is changing my messy diaper…and decides to fuck my dirty ass hole.
BabyDollNaughty - Push it out (FullHD)

Short clip of me pushing everything out!
(Tampon included)
BabyDollNaughty - Shitting my pants (FullHD)

Isnt it obvious? I shit mah pants
BabyDollNaughty - Tit smearing (FullHD)

What a lovely shit… I think I will spread it all over my lovely tits!
My FIRST facial smear - Special request (FullHD)

My first time smearing onto my face by special request!
BabyDollNaughty - Piss Enema (HD)

Using my own Piss as a refreshing Enema!
ImYourFetish - Bella Shits on the Fresh Cut Grass (FullHD)

Bella’s at the park side of the lake, next to the golf course. You can hear the golfers in the background. But Bella has to shit and pee really bad. She’s wearing a see-thru slutty dress with no panties so she just lays back on the fresh cut grass and lets go. First she pees, almost hitting the camera. There’s a few farts before the stream of shit empties out. She then changes position to make sure the rest comes out too.