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evamarie88 - Satin Leather Sofa Shit (FullHD)

Watch me in my red satin night dress tell you i want to mess up this leather sofa…
I show off my bare arse before squatting down on my leather futon and pushing out a big large thick shit… I orgasm as i push the large load right out… Before showing you it and then i sit right into my mess…

Sliding my messy shitty arse into the leather making one big mess before rubbing my satin slip into my pussy and cumming hard…

Leather satin destruction i love it!

#satin #leathersofa #silk #hardshit #scat #sofa #smearing #evamarie88
LoveRachelle2 - Stinky Tutor (FullHD)

LoveRachelle2 - Butt Play & Shit On A Plate (UltraHD/4K)

missellie8  - Smear into my pussy (FullHD)

Poop in Olga's vagina (FullHD)

PrincessNikki - Fart and shit (FullHD)

My slave is lying on the bed, and it is time for me to feed him.. But before I give him my shit, I need to fart a lot.. What other way to be submissive but to sniff it all in? Besides, it is the smell that soon is to be his food, so he should be happy that I give him a appetizer. It is time to let the logs out, and I make sure it all goes in his mouth. He starts gagging, so I just sit on his face making sure nothing goes to waste, and that all is consumed.
janet  - My Surprise Shit for McDo (UltraHD/2K)

The first vid i tease and shake my ass back and forth then slowly pull down my shorts and panties to push out some poop at a fast food resturant. I desperatly blasted shit out of my ass in a Mac container and pee in a cup…. Then I brought and put your food on a tray…Enjoy….
Shit Smear (FullHD)

Candid Toilet Training - Taste Your Own (FullHD)

Thescatdevils  - TSD Shit Inside Pussy, Farts & VOMIT! (UltraHD/4K)

From washing the BMW, to Peeing to Shitting and Pussy Shit FUCK! Talk about GOODIES! Buahahahah #thescatdevils
Oops! Can't Hold In My Farts & Shit! (UltraHD/4K)