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TinaAmazon  - Fingering pussy and sucking my turd (FullHD)

Teasing you in a sexy white off the shoulder dress and showing off my sexy supermodel body. With lots of dirty talk. I lay down on the floor with my long legs in the air and push out a thick firm turd. I pick up my shit and lick and suck it getting so turned on that I start fingering my wet pussy. Watch me cum as I suck my stinky turd.
TinaAmazon  - White blouse long counter shit (UltraHD/4K)

After a long day of work I am horny and really need to shit. Wearing a sexy white blouse and tight black pencil skirt and nude thigh highs I tease you with my body. Then talking dirty to you I take a big long creamy shit on my counter.
MissAnja - Shy Girl Gets Dick In Her Shitty Ass (FullHD)

MissAnja - I Make Your Dick Dirty, Shitty In Fishnets (FullHD)

MissAnja - Eat My Shit From My Dirty FlipFlop (FullHD)

Scat movie: A client’s dream - Part VII (HD)

Once again, this client's dreams have been fulfilled! In this video, Chimeny, Alana and Nicole treat him like a dog, and he even barks and licks the girls' feet while being masturbated by them. He also has a chance to suck on their hard nipples, and of course he sticks his face in their wet pussies and their wide open asses too. When they feel comfortable, the girls throw him on the floor and start pissing on him like waterfalls, and the client goes crazy. They shit on the customer and his feed bowl, and let him rub their scat all over his body, delighting in all the brown paste he receives. And to finish, he can lick the girls' feet covered in scat too. Delicious!
PrincessPoo - Roleplay Clips X 3 (FullHD)

PrincessPoo - Roleplay Clips X 3
PrincessPoo - Shit N Grind
PrincessPoo - The Playdate
GwenyT - Sneaky Poop Play (FullHD)

GwenyT - A Vid For Mom
GwenyT - How Bimbo's Stay Skinny
GwenyT - Sneaky Poop Play
xbeautyrussianx - Lick My Sweaty Feet And Dirty Asshole (FullHD)

scatdesire - Desperate Nature Poop (FullHD)

scatdesire - Deep Poopy Ass Fuck 3
scatdesire - Desperate Nature Poop
scatdesire - Dirty Anal Dildo
scatdesire - Do You Like My Poop
scatdesire - Foot Licking and Shitty Meal
scatdesire - Fuck My Shit-Filled Ass and Cum
scatdesire - I Can't Hold Shit Anymore!
scatdesire - Your Place Under My Ass
scatdesire - Panty Shit Smearing (FullHD)

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