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Sara Stahl - DieSadistin - 5 Scat Videos (HD)

Bound slaves are used as human toilets.
Big loads of shit straight into mouths.
Spit and cigarette ash.
Sara Stahl and her sister delight in humiliating slaves.
sexandcandy18  - cake custom 2 (HD)

here is another cake custom video I had lots of fun filming! Two different scenes, both new. come get messy with me!
VeganLinda  - Canary Islands Big Shits only (10 Videos) (HD)

As I got so many nice reviews for my Canary Islands best of Crazy shits I did something different for you.. this Shits are not that crazy, as mainly at my AirBnb home, BUT, with a lot of Poop! 10 Videos, 9 of them are Shit, 2 of them Outdoor, 1 with Fartig as I ate some crap the day before, and big amounts of shit. I found a new Organic Store here on the Island and ate a lot of stuff
VeganLinda  - Little loser pay for my Chocolate (HD)

I allow you to watch my wonderful body in my Bikini, enjoying the sun in Spain, in my holidays, walking around trough the Mango and Organges trees I have to shit. A lot! I’m telling you, that you will never ever be allowed to touch my beautiful body, my bombastic ass, but I have something else for you.. something really suitable for a Piggy like you… big vegan choc, directly out of my ass… into your mouth! I’m shitting on a plate, showing you my middle finger and then feeding you with a full spoon of my Godness-Shit! Enjoy
VeganLinda  - 4 days unwashed Pussy Shit (HD)

Take a look at my dirty, 4 day unwashed Pussy, with cream, toilet paper and some dirt of my crazy fuck from last night on it. And, of course, a hard, vegan Shit
VeganLinda  - Shit & Cum in my hand… chocolate is ready  (HD)

The first time that I touch my Shit with my hand or body… I just wanted to serve you my Shit as natural as possible… so you can watch me fingering my pussy, touching my titts, and having some fun with myself in different positions in my AirBnb bathroom in Spain. I’m also taking to you a bit and telling you what I’m feeling when I’m fingering my pussy while I have to shit ad hard as I had to at this moment. Then… I just cum to a intensive orgasm just in front of your eyes, standing doggy and shitting in my hand at the same time… After that I show you my Poo in my hand and continue with my shower
VeganLinda  - Big morning Shit on public Street (HD)

Walking around in El Hierro, Spain, I desperately have to shit.. my friend was blocking the bathroom of our AirBnb so I had no other choice to go outside then house and look for a good place to shit… I can feel already that there is coming a BIIIIIIG load of shit and I cannot hold it until my friend is finished in the bathroom… so… I just shit on the Street, hoping no-one is driving or walking here during the next minute.. I just shit on the public street and show you my big load after it!
VeganLinda  - My Shit for Breakfast after I cum (HD)

First: noooo, I’m not eating my Shit, of course not, I’m a Lady… ! *but* YOU should have my Shit for breakfast! Can you eat it all? After seeing me how I cum, I’m sure, you will!

Traveling around in Spain I live in several nice AirBnb Houses.. since yesterday I’m in a new house here on El Hierro and I felt to welcome myself there a bit… so…. I just woke up, ready for my breakfast, making some Tea and… masturbate on the kitchen. Fingering my Pussy doggy and sitting on the AirBnb kitchen I cum to a intensive orgasm. Followed by a highly erotic Shit… first I shit only a bit sitting in front of you, then changing to doggy, showing you my feet and big Ass and shitting my healthy vegan shit on the kitchen… I take a fork and serve you my Shit… listen to my words: “open your mouth – breakfast is ready”… Enjoy my newest Vid
Abigail Dupree - Inverted Milk Fountain Enema (HD)

It has been over three days since my last bowel movement and I can feel the filth inside of me just dying to come out. In this video I am trying a couple of things that I have never done before so I’m very excited and a little bit nervous. I start out in the tub with a half gallon of milk and insert it while on my back with my feet over my head and my knees beside my temples pointing my puckering ass hole right at the camera. Over and over huge streams of milk enema plops right onto my neck and face from my butt.
Abigail Dupree - Inverted Milk Fountain Enema (HD)

liglee - Full of poop (HD)

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