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Dirty Slut (HD)

Dirty girl gives herself an enema with a coke bottle and farts it out with bits of shit coming out, she licks the dirty shitty floor. She also plays with a glass butt plug.
Sexy-Scat-Milf - New Years Gift. Pee & Poo Smearing on My Ass (FullHD)

Today I had the urge to shit and called my husband into our room for dirty things. First I make my husband get on the floor so I can piss all over his dick to get things warmed up. Next I begin teasing him as I try to shit letting my poop slide in and out until finally I am ready and cant hold it anymore. I shit all over his dick and have him smear it all over himself and then my ass. This was our first scat video and it was such an intense hot moment for us. He shoots his massive load all over my ass and then jerks off mixing our dirty juices together! This is the first of many more scat videos to come!
Sexy-Scat-Milf - Creamy Steamy Pee & Dump For You (FullHD)

Yesterday on new years eve we posted our first scat video. Today on new years day we are back at it again with another sexy scat smearing video with an even bigger stinkier shit and cumshot this time! First I piss all over my husband’s dick, next I dump all his dick, finally, I have him smear it all over my ass and himself filling the room with the intense smell of my shitty ass. Scat sex is so new and hot for us that my husband literally gets so close to cumming just from smearing it on my ass, it’s so hot! Next video we will be trying some dirty anal in different positions!
Dirty Enema (FullHD)

Hot asian american girl has a belly full of water, she plays with herself until she cannot hold any longer and lots of water and shit comes out. Talking throughout video.
lola1  - Casey’s Creamy Poo on Pop (FullHD)

Obedient slave gets rewarded with something sweet to suck on. As If staring at my Huge chocolate ass and eating my Creamy shit is not rewarding enough, I made it even more sweeter for you shit lovers! You will be Craving Caseys ass and begging for more
HotDirtyIvone - Full hour of pure shitting (HD)

My top selling clips here… All in one. All for you. All very dirty and sexy… In all big stinky shit. And finally all in the best price! One full hour of pure shitting. This clip include (and other also! This huge brown is too big for me… I have this inside from 3 days and wanna stay next one mut I can’t. I have too much inside of me. I must fart go to toilet and make my ass free. So first one is usper thick. It’s hurts me so much. After this I make another one and at the end next slender long one! I was extra full inside. I sit down on the floor and wide open my legs. Fast show you my wet pussy and ass. My anus opens and HUGE monster comes ot of me. This is not all… I make one more monster in squat. All moster gwors up in me from three days. I make some funny silenced farts because this monster is so huge that the gas can not get out. First I make some juicy farts. After this I squat at you and open my ass. I make some incredibly long brown… Three times. Three long snakes and very stinky haha. I’m crowded inside! I can not keep it. The monster has to come out. It’s huge … And very heavy. Yes my big stinky shit is coming! Too much close to you… closer and closer…. and this is on you.
HotDirtyIvone  - She eat SHIT! (SD)

in this movie, Angie does wet farting to her panties (he does shit to them). Hypnotizes Sarah and she eats her shit! he’s smelling the panties, Angie gives Sarah shit the hands and both taste of this taste!
Yoga Poop (HD)

4 Clips in 1. 1st Clip - Standing one leg folded, 2nd Clip - Backwards hands and feet on ground body in air, 3rd Clip - One leg in the air, 4th Clips - Balancing on hands.
Mistress Emily - Suck My Smelly Shit (HD)

I am in going to use the toilet after GYM, but the toilet is defective! But my toilet slave is here to assist me and I am asking him to come in the toilet and take the position. He cleans my dirty shoes with his tongue! It’s cruel I know. But, he likes it. Further I am going to use his mouth of course! He doesn’t have a choice! He must take my huge smelly shit and swallow it!
Emily  - Facesitting Shit Hole (HD)

I have my slave eating my asshole… There are not many things better than lick me before my toilet! I love to enjoy while he licks my asshole and soon enough I have a really powerful orgasm! Oh my gosh, this makes my ass so ease off that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, I’m gonna feed him with my monster SHIT! And he seems like a toilet seat for my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth as close as possible to my ass, so nothing can fall out his mouth! He has to take and swallow everything! I am using my feet to keep his mouth right in my shit and keep feeding him until I am cum! He has to clean my asshole with his tongue! I think he is a not bad toilet! I will use him again later…
Mistress Emily - Feeding Out of My ASSHOLE (UltraHD/4K)

Hi, toilet. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m preparing your favorite meal tonight. It’s my nice, delicious, hot, fresh from my ass, SHIT! Are you excited? You always get excited when I feeding you with my shit. It gets me so horny to do it for you. You know how much I love when you smell it. How much I love watching you eat it. And as reward you get my spit.Then, toilet, I want you to eat it all up for me